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1. Brought Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in to the Cultural and Film Map of India, through various cultural and film festivals.The 365 day long Soorya India Festival is a major festival in India today.Thiruvananthapuram becomes the Cultural Capital of India during this event.

2. Conceptualized and started the Tourism Week Celebrations for the Govt. of Kerala in 1980 and the celebrations continue every year in the same design till date.

3. Conceived,initiated and convened the NishaGandhi Dance Festival for the Department Of Tourism,Kerala.

4. Started the International Film Festival under the Banner of KSFDC which is now grown as IFFK.

5. Started Malabar Maholsavam in Kozhikkode.

6. Director of the Kerala State Film Department Corporation, 3 terms in succession.

7. Member of the National Film Award jury(More than once).

8. Member of the Kerala State Film Award jury(More than once).

9. Member of the NFDC Script Committee.

10. Member of the National jury for selecting Indian Panorama films (Short films and Documentaries) (More than once).

11. Member of the National jury for selecting Indian Panorama films (Feature Films) (More than once).

12. Chairman, Film Awards Jury -John Abraham Awards - 2006.

13. Chairman of Film Jury - P.Padmarajan Award - 2006.

14. Member of the Doordarshan Advisory Committee.

15. Member of the Expert Committee of the Department of Culture, Govt.of India.

16. Chairman, Asianet Film Awards.

17. Member of the steering committee formed by the Department of Culture, Govt. of India to evolve the cultural policy of the country.

18. Contributed for the upliftment of the young talents in the field of art and culture.

19. Contributed much for the presentation, promotion and preservation of folk arts of Kerala.

20. Executive committee Member, Kerala State Chalachithra Academy.

21. Chief Co-ordinator,Kerala State Film Awards 2001.

22. Chief Co-ordinator, Kerala State Television Awards 2002.

23. Vice Chairman, Kerala State Chalachithra Academy.

24. Executive Member, Vylopilli Samskrithi Bhavan.

25. Chairman,Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy.

26. Festival Director, International Theatre Festival of Kerala(ITFOK).


1. Gurupooja - Every year one veteran artiste who is economically backward and inactive due to old age, is given Gurudakshina to cover the expense for food ,medicine and shelter for the rest of his life. So far , 34 artistes have been given. - on going project.

2. Eight Theature artists - Who wish to stick to theature , but unable to make a living , have been adopted and they are encouraged to present plays. Monthly salary , Medical help etc. are given. - on going project

3. One dialysis a day - In association with Sree Foundation and NIMS Hospital every day one dialysis given to a poor patient. - on going project.

4. Art for heart - Aimed to help the poor heart patients to get surgery free of cost - in association with Harvy Heart Foundation , Chennai - on going project.